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Use our simple online Limit Calculator to find the limits with step-by-step explanation. You can calculate limits, limits of sequence or function with ease and for free. Also available calculating limit algebraically, limit from graph, series limit, multivariable limit and much more.

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How to use Limit Calculator


Step 1

Enter your Limit problem in the input field.


Step 2

Press Enter on the keyboard or on the arrow to the right of the input field.


Step 3

In the pop-up window, select “Find the Limit”. You can also use the search.

What is Limit in Math

Limit is a mathematical term denoting a certain limit number, to which an infinite sequence or function tends. Accordingly, the limit of the sequence and the limit of the function are distinguished (at a point, "at infinity"). It is also believed that the limit can be equal to "infinity".

Intuitively, there is a tendency of one object to another, for example, a bird tends to a nest. From here comes the intuitive concept of the desire of a sequence or function to something; in the framework of mathematical analysis, this concept of desire finds its formalization in mathematical definitions of the limit of a function and the limit of a sequence.

Why you may need to calculate Limit

This is the case when it is easier to explain the term using simple human words. In various sciences (for example, physics) there are many situations in which you need to know what will happen to this phenomenon, process, effect, if: time tends to infinity, frequency tends to a certain value, value X (any other physical quantity) tends to zero , infinity, a certain value, and so on. This is why you need to be able to count limits.